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Konsiderate has it in the bag!

Waste not, want not with Konsiderate. Our product options offer sustainable solutions, while being as kind to your bottom line as possible! As testament to the quality, service and sheer choice of affordable options on offer, Konsiderate has built a strong distributor and stockist network across Asia Pacific AND is fast becoming a leader in ecoplastic products for the consumer, commercial and away-from-home markets.

As a top choice for feel-good retail and hygiene bag products, Konsiderate customers are also privy to extra benefits afforded through its parent company, Synergy Pacific.

Custom Options

  • Private Label - promote your brand, not the competitors!
  • Design your own packaging and packing specifications
  • Design unique products for your brand
  • Flexible size, quality and material choices
  • Design your container with multiple products

Konsiderate Products


Don’t get thrown by other so-called "degradable" products. Konsiderate offers the real deal Oxo Degradables which are way better (just sayin’).

Let me see!


A lean, green composting machine, our bioplastic products made of corn starch are better for the environment AND your business.

Let me see!

Green Biz Bragging Rights!

Konsiderate products allow you to easily up your green-game and add to your bio brag-bag. With a degradable base range, Konsiderate can also cater for your biodegradable and compostable bioplastic requirements.

Choosing more sustainable plastic alternative product options can give your business extra marketing leverage, and a host of other benefits. Konsiderate makes it easy for you to win brownie points with your customers.


Get ready, get set, go green!

Talk to us about your requirements and budget. We’ll work with you to design a plan that will set you on the right track for your business to going green.

We are if you have questions, need samples or quotes or just to say hello.


Proud to Partner With


Did you know that Konsiderate, as part of the reputable Synergy Pacific group, has a sibling? Our sister brand, Whisper, supplies quality tissue paper that is environmentally conscious.

If you’re looking for sustainable toilet tissues, paper napkins, paper towels, facial tissues options and more, Whisper is your go-to gal. You can also opt to customise products and/or create a private label range.