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A Champion for Eco-Integrity.

Consumers are no longer plastic addicts, and are increasingly demanding earth-conscious alternatives. Konsiderate takes sustainability seriously, and our plastic alternative range reflects that.

Konsiderate offers our Degradable range as an affordable, considered base product. We understand it’s not always viable to take one giant leap into totally greenifying your entire product range or systems. So we created a tiered attack, starting with Degradables and followed by options for biodegradables and totally guilt-free Compostable products.

Degradables Explained

Information about “degradables” can be confusing. Most plastic will degrade...eventually (over centuries)!

But Konsiderate degradable plastic options can break down much faster. It is a type of plastic known as oxo degradable.

Konsiderate’s oxo degradable plastic is created by incorporating an additive called TDPA® which accelerates degradation. Within a few months to a few years, the plastic can break down to tiny molecules, which may then be biodegraded by micro-organisms.

Why Buy Konsiderate Degradables?

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It makes a whole lotta business sense to investigate Konsiderate’s tiered attack for plastic alternatives - degradables are typically only slightly higher in price point than traditional plastics, plus you’ll get the Green Biz Benefits and bragging rights.

Talk to us about your requirements and budget. We’ll work with you to design a plan that will set you on the right track for your business.