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The Brands

Synergy Pacific has become a noted international entity, thanks to it’s Konsiderate and Whisper brands. Synergy is also responsible for producing private label ranges for many large retail names and distributors throughout Asia Pacific.

Degradable and compostable plastic alternative products for cleaning, commercial and retail spheres. Products include shopping bags, re-usable bags, bin liners, dog waste bags and more.


A top-choice for feel-good tissue paper products for consumer, commercial and away-from-home markets. Products include disposable paper napkins, hand towels, tissues, toilet paper and more.


Synergy can provide any Whisper and Konsiderate products as private label offerings. This can involve completely tailored and comprehensive solutions from placing your logo on product packaging, to designing your own products and container options.


Helping to protect the Great Barrier Reef

Synergy Pacific is proud to donate a percentage of the sales of our products to the Great Barrier Reef Foundation to support its work to protect and restore the Great Barrier Reef for future generations.

increasing pressure from a growing combination of manmade and natural threats. A changing climate and rising water temperatures, poorer water quality from sediment run-off and pollution, as well as more severe cyclones and crown-of-thorns starfish outbreaks, are just some of the threats creating a perfect storm for the Reef and the marine life that depends on it.

Saving the Reef is a huge task, our donation is enabling the Great Barrier Reef Foundation to fund projects like coral IVF to rebuild coral reefs, restoring Reef Islands to protect precious marine life, 3D mapping of the Reef and coral DNA sequencing to help increase knowledge of the Reef and how to protect it.

Find out more about the work of the Great Barrier Reef Foundation.