Introducing Konsiderate Degradable & Certified Compostable Bags

Introducing Konsiderate Degradable & Certified Compostable Bags

Synergy Pacific is proud to launch Konsiderate, our new brand that provides a range of degradable and compostable bags for the consumer, commercial and away-from-home markets.

Konsiderate eco-plastic products include commercial garbage bags, kitchen bin liners, dog waste bags, produce bags, mailing bags, carry bags and more. Our products are certified degradable, and our compostable range carries the AS4736 and AS5810 certifications.

More than ever, there is a stronger demand for plastic alternatives that are sustainable and better for the environment. Our aim is to provide greener solutions to commercial services and organisations that will meet their requirements and budget. In addition, we can customise our products to your specification to promote your brand or organisation.

Konsiderate is Synergy Pacific's second brand following Whisper. Whisper has been established and is noted for its FSC certified high-quality paper and tissue products throughout the cleaning and hygiene industry. Together, Konsiderate and Whisper will further encourage the use of greener products that are sustainable and socially responsible.

Why not Konsiderate? Contact us to help you 'break it down' and make the switch today.

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