We’re on a mission to help Australian companies reduce their plastic waste and make a positive shift. Konsiderate provides a range of compostable and degradable plastic alternatives ideal for use by all cleaning, retail commercial, B2B and government clients. Supporting our mission are the strong partnerships we hold with suppliers, manufacturers and distributors throughout the Asia-Pacific region. They share our vision for kickstarting a greener future with quality compostable plastic packaging.

Konsiderate’s range of certified compostable plastic packaging is an environmentally-friendly solution to traditional solutions. Our plastic packaging comes in a variety of formats and is ideal for use as product, food and shipping packaging. All Konsiderate packing is certified industrial (AS4736) and home composting (AS5810) and made from a sustainable cornstarch blend that quickly returns to the earth under composting conditions. All plastic packaging from Konsiderate is fully customisable. Clients can choose the product size, bag thickness, colour and specify custom branded messages to appear on compostable film or bags, packaging sleeves and cartons.

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Can’t see what you need? Konsiderate has a bunch of options up our sleeve. Talk to us about your ecoplastic product requirements and budget. And don’t forget about Konsiderate’s sister Whisper if you need feel-good paper products like face and toilet tissue, paper hand towels and napkins!

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