For nearly two decades, Konsiderate has been supplying Australian businesses with environmentally-friendly degradable and compostable plastic alternatives. We’re on a mission to reduce plastic waste across the country, and our range of products has been designed with that vision in mind. Supporting that mission are our best friends from across the Asia Pacific region. We hold partnerships with a strong network of suppliers, manufacturers and distributors who share our vision for the future of plastic alternatives.

Konsiderate’s black dog waste bags come from our range of compostable plastic products. Certified AS4736 and AS5810 for both industrial and home composting, our dog waste bags are manufactured from a special blend of cornstarch and biodegradable polymer. Available with or without handles, Konsiderate’s dog waste bags are supplied as a roll of 200 pieces. Rolls of bags are sized to fit perfectly in our heavy-duty lockable dispenser that’s ideal for use by parks, councils and vets. If you’re looking to give your own green credentials a leg up, then speak to the team about customising our dog waste bags to suit your branding, size and colour requirements.

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Can’t see what you need? Konsiderate has a bunch of options up our sleeve. Talk to us about your ecoplastic product requirements and budget. And don’t forget about Konsiderate’s sister Whisper if you need feel-good paper products like face and toilet tissue, paper hand towels and napkins!

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