Konsiderate has been hard at work for the past two decades, supplying environmentally-friendly compostable and degradable plastic alternatives across Australia. Our products are all designed to put the Earth first and help our customers make a difference. The mission we’re on is supported by strong partnerships with suppliers throughout the Asia-Pacific region. Our network of suppliers, manufacturers and distributors allows us to develop and provide quality alternative plastics that are helping Australians reduce their impact.

Our compostable produce bags are certified AS4736 and AS5810 for both home composting and industrial composting. They’re a great alternative to traditional plastics for fresh food markets, hospitality, supermarkets and retail customers who make heavy use of small plastic bags. Konsiderate’s produce bags are made from a special cornstarch blend that has been designed to break down under composting conditions, rapidly returning to Earth without leaving behind harmful plastics or chemical compounds. Konsiderate produce bags are supplied as rolls of 500 bags, and we can tailor the packaging, outer carton and the bag itself with your logo and branding. Show your customers that you’re ready to make a difference with custom produce bags from Konsiderate.

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Can’t see what you need? Konsiderate has a bunch of options up our sleeve. Talk to us about your ecoplastic product requirements and budget. And don’t forget about Konsiderate’s sister Whisper if you need feel-good paper products like face and toilet tissue, paper hand towels and napkins!

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